Corporate Culture
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Corporate Motto

  Start with Integrity, Succeed by Action

Business Goals        

         Company Mission : To commercialize high quality biopharmaceutical products that are affordable to ordinary  people

         Company Vision: To be the premiere high-end biopharmaceutical company in China

         Company Strategy: build up a fully integrated product development capability; establish the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing base in China that complies with international standards


Company Human Capital Values


  Learning Agility


           Rewards go to those who perform and deliver


Work Principles

           Earnest cooperation

           Open communication

           Find “win-win”  solutions by putting aside individual differences

  Result oriented


Management Guidelines

  The success of the company is our #1 priority

  Do what you promise, deliver results through action

  Be an example to others and be accountable

  Demonstrate attentive listening and open communication

           Achieve mutual growth through teamwork
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